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Burmese Converter tool from Rakuten Viber to Zawgyi to Unicode; Make it easy to convert from Unicode to Zawgyi

Yangon, August 21, 2020 The government has forced the transition from the Zawgyi font to the Unicode font to make Myanmar’s digital economy more efficient and secure. During the transition month, Rakuten Viber created a Burmese Converter tool that automatically converts Zawgyi and Unicode fonts between Android and iOS for the convenience of Viber users.

The Myanmar government’s decision has had a significant impact on communication between people and organizations in today’s digital age. Currently, there are still many people using Zawgyi in the country. The Zawgyi font has many weaknesses, the main ones being that it is not compatible with new technologies; Unreadable and can be used to spread misinformation. Unicode’s unique features include multilingual applications; Sharing information; Global usability and compatibility with new Web standards.

As information and technology in the country plays an important role, it is necessary to use Unicode fonts to communicate with stakeholders with advanced security features. In addition, Viber’s Burmese Converter will play an important role in converting Unicode fonts in Myanmar. To do so, follow these steps: